Our vision is to end homelessness one person at a time...



“And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation’.”  - Mark 16:15


How do we share our faith in a loving manner without misrepresenting Christ?

Basically, three principles apply to both witnessing and sales.


• The first principle is creating a need.  Insurances have a plan that is designed to protect one’s assets if they were diagnosed with cancer.  With the amount of awareness today, the need is evident.  In the same way, we should emphasize the need for Christ in our lives (John 14:6, Rom 3:23).  This establishes the first principle, creating a need.


• The second principle is maximizing the benefits.  In reference to cancer insurance, a person diagnosed could get up to $18,000 per month.  This definitely is a good benefit that offers security in a true time of need.  In the same way, eternal life with the Father is an amazing benefit of God’s grace and mercy that offers endless security (Romans 6:23).


• Finally, the third principle in selling is minimizing the cost.  A salesman compares the premium to some minimal cost people spend without thinking.  With salvation the cost is free.  The main requirement being a repentant heart (Romans 10:13).


Heavenly Father, open our hearts and empower us with your Word that we may be effective tools for you to use in order to further your Kingdom.  In Christ’s name, amen.

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The Holidays Are Coming!


CHRISTMAS GIFT DONATIONS NEED TO START COMING IN BEFORE THANKSGIVING because all of the gifts for the Jesus' Birthday Party must be wrapper by the first week in December.


Christmas is about giving and each year it is amazing to see how you open your hearts to reach out in very special ways to those who are homeless or in need.  All of the adult and children's clothing, blankets, toys, and games distributed at our Christmas parties are donated.  Last year, more than 700 gifts were given out to 213 people in need:  135 at the Jesus' Birthday Party (76 children and 59 adults), 65 at the Drop-Ins Give-Away (45 adults and 19 children), and 13 Mission Residents.



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*The pictures and names of the homeless, unless specifically noted, are not of local homeless people.